Wednesday, 15 September 2010

What is it about Gluten Free Foods....

... you find out you can't eat gluten anymore - your first thing is probably to work out what on earth has gluten in it and once you've done that you wonder how life will ever be the same again without fresh bread and your favourite chocolate bar....

... then you discover gluten free foods and soon realise that unless you pick carefully you'll find yourself with a packet of cardboard of a box of crumbs!!!

So after many years of spending a fortune on gluten free 'foods' which might well have been 'gluten free' but whether they were fit to be called 'food' is a matter for debate ...I have decided to share my favourites with all you fellow gluten free folks in the hope that you can save some precious pennies and once again enjoy close alternatives to your favourite foods.

Please add your thoughts to any of my posts... after all it really is a matter of taste!!

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